One of the best ways to save money as a krazy couponer comes from shopping drugstores for personal care items—razors, makeup, haircare, feminine products, and OTC medicines, just to name a few! With high regular prices but stellar ad promotions and rewards, drugstores can save you big if you have the know how.

1. Moneymakers

Want a store to pay you to take products off their shelves? Get ready to cozy up to your neighborhood CVS, Rite Aid, or Walgreens! Pair the rock bottom sale prices with a coupon, participate in drugstore rewards programs, and take advantage of rebate offers to earn more back than what you paid out of pocket. The three major drugstores mentioned above are known for their “free” products each month—where you pay “X” amount for a product and get that same “X” amount back in reward printouts for your next shopping trip. When you add a coupon into the mix, you’ll be gaining more than you spend!

2. Rewards programs

Make a qualifying purchase and receive a reward printout when you pay through Rite Aid’s +UP Rewards, CVS’ Extra Bucks, and Walgreens’ Register Rewards. Each store does have its own ins and outs as to how their rewards are redeemed and what limits they impose, so check out the specifics with Rite Aid 101, CVS 101, and Walgreens 101 for the breakdown on how to maximize your savings!

3. Working with limits

Most drugstores have limits on how many sale items a customer can buy or have limited stock on hand because they’re not a grocery store. Instead of getting discouraged, remember that the best way to build a stockpile is slowly, often adding a handful of extra items a week. Shop at the beginning of the sale week, and if a store is out of an item, make sure to get a rain check!


3 Things You Need to Know About Drugstores