Before my husband realized how much money we were actually saving with coupons, he hated them. He thought I was wasting so much time clipping and organizing coupons for what he assumed was only for a few cents in savings. He finally started seeing the value after I tried some of the tips below. If your significant other is unsure about couponing, hopefully these will work for you as well!

1. Show them

For stubborn significant others, sometimes keeping a running list of how much you’re saving can be an eye-opener. Try our couponing spreadsheet to see all the cash that’s staying in your pocket, or check out our post on how to use spreadsheets to follow your savings.

2. Reward them

You can also try taking the money that you’re saving and purchasing something your significant other has been keeping their eye on or a family vacation. When they realize just how much you’re doing and what you’re able to do with the money you’re saving, that can help them be more willing to aid you and support you.

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3. Challenge them

If your friend or partner is competitive, paint couponing in a win-the-game light. See how much you two can save, and try to beat your records!

If you can’t convince them, try looking for a local couponing buddy. Couponing is more successful if you have support—someone who understands and appreciates your great triumphs and can commiserate when you run into hard situations. If no one around you coupons, get them involved!



3 Things You Can Do to Make Your Partner Love Couponing