When 2014 rolled around, I decided to expand my couponing expertise and attempt to cash in on some of the great rebates I saw advertised on KCL. I read the article about how to keep track of rebates and decided I was ready to attempt this newest challenge at saving money! I have to admit, it was a challenge that quickly paid off. Getting those little checks in the mail would put a smile on my face. Not only because I was saving money, but because I had mastered another technique to help me save those dollars!

This has been one of the best money-saving techniques I’ve tried this year! Here are several tips to make sure your rebate check makes you money!

1. Check the expiration date on your checks

When you receive your rebate check, look immediately at the expiration date. Dates may range from 30 to 120 days. I typically deposit checks within two weeks just to make sure I get my funds. Follow up with a bank account review to make sure the check has been accepted into your account.

2. Save tracking numbers

Rebate checks typically have a tracking number. For my Staples refunds, I complete the rebate request online and note the tracking number. This is a great way to ensure your rebate has been processed and to find out when your refund is on its way. Tracking numbers are also quite helpful in resolving issues if they come up, so be sure to keep them until after your check is cleared! Believe me, I learned this the hard way.

3. Remind yourself of dates by using a calendar

Rebates are wonderful ways to save money, but only if you remember to submit the forms! True disappointment lies in finding an expired rebate receipt in the back of your junk drawer because you procrastinated filling out the paperwork as soon as the product was purchased. Instead, keep important rebate reminders on your calendar. Here are some important dates to mark:

  • Purchase period: The given timeline when you have to buy the product(s) listed. Jot down when you purchased the products, or check off that they were purchased in time.
  • Postmark date: To be valid, the time stamp on the envelope has to be on or before the date as listed on the rebate form. Make sure to send off your submission at least a few business days in advance to ensure the rebate is in on time. Indicate on your calendar when you sent off each rebate.
  • Receive by: Rebates, under law, must be given to the customer in the time they list on the official form. This is usually 6-8 weeks from the rebate end date. Write down the last day that is within the time frame, and if you haven’t received your rebate by then, contact the company.
3 Tips to Ensure Rebate Check Success