In today's world, the art of couponing has become as streamlined and as accelerated as some of the latest technologies. If you think the new iPhone can send a text message quickly, wait until you see how fast we can get $0.50 back on a box of cereal! Okay, maybe we're not as speedy as an Apple product, but you get the idea.

Not too long ago, couponing meant a time commitment of several hours each week. Between collecting newspaper inserts and then matching the best sales with coupons, the couponing process was just plain time-consuming. Sure, people saved a ton of money and created impressive stockpiles, but it came with a cost: time. Fast forward to 2015, and we busy couponers now have a better way to save money.

Option 1: Go, Shop, Redeem!

The scene is all too familiar. You're on your way home from a late soccer practice and you realize you need milk for tomorrow's breakfast. There's Target. Since this is an unplanned stop, you don't have coupons with you. You stop anyway for the sake of maximizing your time and run into the store, grabbing milk and a loaf of bread.

As you leave, you remember that earlier today you saw two rebate offers on your phone. Both offers were from the rebate apps Snap and Checkout 51, each for $0.25 on milk and $0.25 on bread. To cash in on those rebates, buy the products, take a picture of your receipt and upload it to each rebate app. What used to take 20 minutes, now takes less than 5! Thanks to online and mobile rebate apps, the task of having to find, print, and match a coupon is now minimized to seconds of scrolling through offers, claiming them and submitting a receipt.

Option 2: Ready, Set, Print!

Our second on-the-go couponing strategy happens to be one of our favorite ways to coupon! We are both busy moms so we know how minutes matter. By reading the steps below, you'll see that "Ready, Set, Print" couponing doesn't require a lot of time or effort.

  1. Make a list of items you want to buy. This is key to being able to find specific coupons.
  1. Go to your favorite couponing website. At the Krazy Coupon Lady, any of the printable coupons on our site are "click and print" enabled. This means you select the coupon you want, click onto its link, and hit “print.” The process takes about 15 seconds.
  1. Search for the item(s) you want. Our site features a tab titled "coupons." Click that, and then find the search bar. Here's where to enter specific products from your list.
  1. Select and print your coupons! Once you find a coupon, click it and then hit “print.” We recently developed a "Quick Print" option that will automatically print out all of the coupons you need for a stackable deal—all in one click.
  1. Go to the store and start saving! Once the coupons are printed, clip them, and head to the store. You'll be happy you took the little time needed to save the money you did!

Option 3: File and Date

In the beginning of our couponing days, we clipped and organized coupons under specific categories in our binders. It took a lot of time. We have since updated our system to using a file box and keeping the newspaper inserts whole. Here's what we mean:

  1. File entire inserts. File each group of inserts in a sheet protector and date them. If you want, include a list of what coupons are in the inserts.
  2. Clip coupons according to deals. On most coupon blogs like The Krazy Coupon Lady, deals are listed with specific coupon inserts. For example, a deal on Theraflu may require the $1.00 coupon from the 10/19 Smart Source insert. If you've labeled each folder by date, it shouldn't take long to find the coupon you need.
  3. Go to the store and save. With your coupon in hand, you're ready to go to the store and save. We suggest keeping this file box in your vehicle so that if you are driving around and need something last minute, you'll have all your coupons with you!

Time is of the essence in our busy lives, but so is saving money! If we can help you succeed at being able to save money and time, our goal is accomplished. Good luck, and let us know what your favorite way to coupon on the go is!

3 Ways to Coupon When You're Short on Time