Remember when you first started couponing and that feeling of accomplishment after your first trip? For me, seeing the total amount saved printed at the bottom of my receipt was always thrilling. The joy of knowing that I finally had control over what I was spending for groceries was awesome and addicting. But after years of chasing deals, that immense joy has faded a bit. Don’t get me wrong–I still love coupons and seeing my savings add up, but now I understand that it consistently takes work.

If you’ve couponed for a while now, you may be able to relate. Perhaps it’s time to evaluate your techniques and bring the fun back into couponing. Keep the savings going!

1. Competition

Want to spice up your couponing trips? Try a little healthy competition either with or against your fellow coupon buddy or your own best record. Try to beat your best percentage saved, or use the most number of coupons per trip.

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2. Organization

One of the biggest stressors in couponing is falling behind on clipping or being disorganized. Keeping up to date on things will save time in the long run and make your saving goals easier to achieve. Try clipping coupons while watching your favorite TV show, or have older children help out to ease the task.

3. Child’s Play

Having kids along on shopping trips can be difficult, but there are tactics to ease the tension! Take along snacks to curb hunger complaints, let them help pick out flavors and colors (apple kiwi or blueberry pomegranate juice, the color of a toothbrush, or pasta shape!), bring comfort items and soft toys for babies and toddlers, assign older children special jobs like getting a gallon of milk from the next aisle or reading you the shopping list, or playing “I Spy.” These reinforce that shopping is a positive experience!

4. Take a break

When things get tough, feel free to take a break. Whether it’s a week without shopping or passing up a few deals to spend time with family or friends, relaxing can be beneficial. Soon you’ll have renewed energy and an increased enthusiasm for couponing!

4 Things You Can Do to Make Couponing Fun Again