As a seasoned couponer of 2 years, I have experienced more highs than lows in the couponing arena. The sudden thrill has calmed to a slight tickle, but all in all, I remain committed to my new way of spending. That being said, I have experienced couponing fatigue at times, and it can sneak up on you unexpectedly!

I’ve listed a few things that happen to me when I know I’m couponing excessively and my life is out of balance. I hope they will help you identify symptoms of couponing burnout or fatigue before it occurs!

Couponing fatigue warning sign #2: Procrastinating cutting/filing coupons

We’ve all been too busy to cut coupons—that’s just life! But couponing fatigue can occur when you are overwhelmed with the amount of work involved. If you get four newspapers on Sunday, that’s a lot of coupons! I have given myself a timeout from couponing on occasion. My usual routine is to cut and file on Sunday night, check out the sales and map out the plan for the week. The plan is flexible based on which deals are the most important and how much time I have available in my schedule for couponing. I know I’m in trouble when I put off couponing on Sunday night. That’s the sign for me that I need to take a break.

Here are a few things to look out for:

•    Change in coupon clipping routine
•    Stacks of coupons accumulating
•    Not checking for additional coupons online
•    Avoiding updating your coupon binder

For a change, ask someone to help you cut and organize your coupons. Maybe your spouse could give you a hand so that you have some extra time to do something else. Determine when you plan to shop that week and organize your coupons the night before instead of working on them every night after the kids go to bed. Change things up to keep from getting bogged down in your routine, and you may be able to avoid couponing burnout!

This is a guest post by Tammy from Saint Pauls, NC

5 Signs of Couponing Fatigue and What to Do: Part 2