As a seasoned couponer of 2 years, I have experienced more highs than lows in the couponing arena. The sudden thrill has calmed to a slight tickle, but all in all, I remain committed to my new way of spending. That being said, I have experienced couponing fatigue at times, and it can sneak up on you unexpectedly!

I’ve listed a few things that happen to me when I know I’m couponing excessively and my life is out of balance. I hope they will help you identify symptoms of couponing burnout or fatigue before it occurs!

Couponing fatigue warning sign #3: Dreading the shopping experience

If you don’t have any excitement about going to the store today, don’t go! When you first begin couponing, you experience that thrill of the deal. But as with anything, habits can create boredom. You know that feeling you have when you have an appointment to go to the dentist? Well, if you have that feeling when you get out your coupon binder or you see the sales papers, it’s time for a break!

Here’s what to watch for:

•    Lack of interest in going to the store
•    Lack of organization for the week
•    Making excuses for not going to the store after you’ve made your list
•    Not following up on available coupons to print

If there is something you really need, ask your spouse if they will stop and use the coupon for you. Just changing your routine can help you get out of a rut! Engage a friend in couponing. Having someone to bounce ideas off of is great, and maybe she can pick up the items at one store and you can shop at the other—thereby cutting your actual couponing time in half!

This is a guest post by Tammy from Saint Pauls, NC

5 Signs of Couponing Fatigue and What to Do: Part 3