As KCLs, we tend to spend a lot of time in grocery stores. Sometimes we fail to realize that the smallest actions add up and can create a massive impact. These small actions can even affect cost. Here a some ways you, as the consumer, can help keep costs down—which means more savings!

1. Freezer doors

When browsing for frozen food, do as much as you can with the doors closed. If you’re comparing two different products’ ingredients/nutrition labels, open up the door, take out the two products, shut the door, then compare. When doors are left open, it raises the energy cost of keeping all the other products cool.

2. Put it back

If you will not be purchasing a product, put it back to its proper place before checking out. This is especially important for perishables.


Bring your own reusable bags when shopping so stores don’t have to purchase plastic or paper ones. Reusable bags hold more (less bags to carry!) and help the environment. Some stores even offer 3-5¢ discounts per bag used!

4. Cart etiquette

Grab a cart from a nearby corral or a stray by your vehicle instead of getting one from the entrance. After unloading your groceries, make sure to return the cart inside the store or to the marked cart corrals. When carts are left everywhere in the parking lot, stores have to hire more help to keep collecting them.

5. Report it

If you see something that could cause a slip, trip, or fall, report it to the nearest employee. Fixing problems before someone gets hurt ensures safety and prevents expensive accident claims.

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