You may love couponing, but your significant other may have a very different attitude. According to, men become bored after about 26 minutes of shopping, while women enjoy shopping for at least two hours before boredom sets in. Having said that, getting that person you love to jump on the bandwagon and embrace this new way of shopping is as much a challenge as figuring out what MCM stands for! Having been both a newbie and now a seasoned KCL, I’ve got a unique perspective on how to get your significant other to support your couponing efforts and help save money for the family budget. Here are five tips to get him on board!

1. Remind him that coupons equal money

This is the best argument I’ve ever heard for using a coupon. Use this same mindset to convince your significant other that couponing is worthwhile.
  • Use a coupon at his favorite restaurant.
  • Show him the receipt where you purchased his favorite item and saved money. My hubby loves Vlasic pickles so I stock up by using a coupon when they’re on sale.
  • Ask him to help you collect coupons at work and from his family.
  • Discuss your family’s budget with him and set a targeted savings goal that you can accomplish by couponing. This puts both of you on the same page for saving money.

2. Have him participate

  • Have him be a designated driver on shopping trips: Stick to the list and do quick trips. I love having my husband drop me off at the door and pick me up—I just have to be mindful of the amount of time I spend in-store. Plus, quick trips are better for me because I’m more focused and don’t get distracted as easily. I just make sure he has a newspaper to read, and we’re good to go!
  • Send him on short shopping trips: When I first began couponing, I asked my husband to run an errand for me and use a coupon. Big mistake. As a newbie, I still didn’t know all of the “rules,” so I kind of set him up for failure. Now, before I send him on an errand, I explain the scenario and what the goal is as well as alternatives.

3. Set financial goals together

  • Ask him to track the monthly savings and expenditures on a spreadsheet: If you don’t already have a coupon-savings spreadsheet, try this one. Print the pie chart that shows the percentage of savings and clip it to the fridge. Use it as an incentive to increase your savings for the next month. Maybe this month, you saved 20% at the grocery store. Aim for 25% next month.
  • Encourage honest communication: We got into an interesting discussion when I was still a newbie because my husband thought I was wasting gas by going to different stores. At first I was defensive but realized that gas expenditures are an important part of couponing success. After comparing the amount of savings I had accumulated by going to multiple stores with the amount of gas spent, my husband finally understood the importance.

4. Rely on his skills

  • Get help organizing: Arranging our stockpile isn’t one of my favorite jobs. I like the shopping and saving aspects of couponing, but organizing the stockpile overwhelms me. Fortunately, my husband is a great organizer and loves to cook, so he’s always in our stockpile anyway. These characteristics make him want to rotate our stockpiled goods so they don’t expire and go to waste—and I don’t even have to ask!
  • Put his carpentry skills to work: My husband and I made a deal that when our stockpile reaches the point where it no longer fits on our pantry’s shelves, we would pause in our stockpile purchases. In the meantime, he’s made sure our shelves are sturdy enough to hold all our goods. Essentially, he’s our stockpile’s hero!

5. Teach him new ways to save money while introducing him to new products

  • Use a coupon to buy his current favorite item: My husband loves Crystal Light lemonade, but the packets are expensive. When I can stack a coupon with a sale and get it for almost free, he feels he can enjoy something he loves without feeling guilty of the price.
  • Ask him to try a new product: Hubby loves potato chips and is kind of a Ruffles man. I had a coupon recently for Utz potato chips, combined it with a buy 1, get 1 free sale and was able to get the chips practically free! When I can buy his brand for a good price, I do, but now he’s willing to try other brands to help us achieve the savings we’ve targeted.
  • Introduce him to new technology: My husband is a techie and loves new apps. If yours is similar, sign him up for Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Shopmium, then have him scan receipts for you. Just last night, I transferred $20 from my husband’s Ibotta account into PayPal.

My advice is to slowly bring your significant other into this new way of shopping. Give it six months and he’ll be offering to cut out coupons for you!


5 Ways to Get Your Significant Other to Love Couponing