My partner and I lead very busy lives. Reason being—we both work for ourselves, which means we always have a lot going on and our weekly hours are never set.

So often when we get together, we need to combine our to-do lists with "us time." On any given day, you might find us at the grocery store or at the mall (with plenty of coupons on hand, of course!).

But we find ways to make it fun! Couponing is also one of our “to do” list items we have fun sharing—and here are some of our favorite tips for keeping the “fun factor” alive!

1. Compete with each other to see how much you can save!

If you’re like most couples today, you probably shop for groceries and home goods under a shared household budget. But then there is your "discretionary" shopping to factor in. Here is where you can compete with your partner to save—and complete with prizes!

Ideas to compete:

  • Who can save the most on a family dinner out (complete with kids eat free, of course)?

  • Who can save the most for your weekly movie night?
  • Who can save the most on the new clothes you've had your eye on?


  • Who can find the best deal on a new video camera for your upcoming vacation?

Great resources to make sure you’re the weekly winner:

Weekly prize ideas:

  • The partner who saves the most gets to pocket all the savings—yours and theirs.
  • The winning partner gets to choose that week's dinner and flick.
  • The winner each week gets to pick one chore to give to the loser for the following week.

2. Set a time each week to coupon together and make it a festive event.

One way my partner and I make shopping and couponing fun is to combine it with something we both love—like a trip to Starbucks (we can use coupons here too!). We know after we shop, we’ll enjoy a tasty coffee and a pastry together, and we can catch up on each other's news.

Ideas to make couponing together fun and festive:

  • Serve a special beverage and snacks, and put on some of your favorite music.
  • Go check out the brand new grocery store (we love to do this with Whole Foods).
  • Stop and try all the free samples while you’re shopping (a favorite at Costco).
  • Decide you can both buy one new item each week—no coupons required!
  • Use your rewards and rebates to treat yourselves to dinner and dessert out after.

3. Try out new apps and then teach each other how to save with them.

My partner and I see couponing just like any other activity we do together—there’s always room to learn and grow!

One thing we like to do is try out new apps and then teach each other what we've learned—this works so well for us because being self-employed, we’re both very "mobile" people anyway!

Here are 5 fun apps you can both "practice" with and teach each other how to use:

  • Ibotta: Ibotta pays you to shop—what could be better?

  • Checkout51Checkout51 offers great cash back options on items you buy every week.

  • Snap: Get cash back on all your grocery purchases—at any grocery store!

  • Berry Cart: If you love to eat healthy, organic or gluten-free—you will love Berry Cart!

4. Tackle a new couponing challenge each week and report back to the other.

It’s pretty exciting to be able to save in an area where you've always paid full price before!

Ideas for couponing challenges to tackle:

  • Auto maintenance: Coupon to find deals on tires, oil changes and tune-ups.
  • Gifts: Coupon to save on gifts for your friends and family.
  • Eating out: Scour for coupons on your top five favorite eateries and coffee shops.
  • Entertainment: Theater and movie tickets, live music—it’s even more fun when it's cheaper!

How KCL can help you master each challenge you tackle:

5. Create a goal for your couponing savings.

You could each create a goal and work towards your individual goals together—or you could set one shared goal and all your couponing savings could go towards funding that shared goal.

Whichever way you decide to do it—here are some ideas for fun goals (complete with helpful resources for how to save even more when the time comes!).

5 Ways Couples Can Make Couponing Together Fun