It happened. You’ve been bitten by the couponing bug and everywhere you turn, there’s a deal calling your name! You share your excitement with friends and family, develop a hefty bank of coupons, and start a magnificent stockpile. Basically, couponing is the most addicting thing you’ve found since chocolate!Fast forward six months and you’re groaning when you see a sales paper because you’ve become overwhelmed and disorganized and don’t quite know how to get back on track. You feel guilty because you know you should be excited about these deals, but the motivation just isn’t there. Well, there’s hope for you! Here are a some helpful tips that always help me.

1. Avoid the word “coupon” for 48 hours

I know how krazy that seems, but have you tried it? Does your spouse get tired of hearing about the dish detergent you just got for free or the hundreds of rolls of toilet paper you have in your stockpile? Do you go to bed thinking about the deals that KCL will publish tomorrow? All of these things cause us to be overwhelmed, and when we get overwhelmed, the fun disappears! Take the challenge and go on a coupon diet for 48 hours! You might be surprised at how motivated you are when you resume your shopping!

2. Utilize your stockpile

If you’ve built up a great stockpile, plan to actually use it instead of buying more products. Being able to utilize the results of your couponing skills will easily motivate you because your successes are right before your eyes. Organizing and shopping in my stockpile is like therapy for me. I can actually put my hands on the results of my couponing, and that makes me feel good! Check out this article about diversifying your stockpile.

3. Put limits on your shopping

I find that I lack motivation when I try to do too much. Setting limits is a good thing—we do that with our kids, after all. Why not apply this to couponing? For example, I browsed the sales papers yesterday and found several items at five different stores. By pairing them with coupons, they made for excellent savings. However, is there an absolute need for these items? Upon reviewing my list, I could mark off two stores that had items that I really didn’t need.

4. Hide your coupon binder

Are you one of those people that panics when you can’t find your binder? Unfortunately, I am and it’s part of my addiction. Do you take it into the store just to pick up a gallon of milk? Take control over that binder or envelope, and don’t let it consume you. Have hubby hide it for a week. I guarantee you’ll go into withdrawal, but you’ll survive! A break from any routine will generate new ideas and new motivation. I’ve found that when I don’t look at my binder every day, I have fresh eyes and maybe even see some coupons that I know I’ll never, ever use, so I quit cutting them—that’s a motivator in itself!

5. Focus on a new store

For the longest time, I avoided Rite Aid because that +Up system seemed so complicated to me. But once I conquered CVS and Walgreens and understood their policies, I decided it was time to tackle Rite Aid. Focusing on a new store gave me new motivation because I was learning a whole new way to coupon. Now, Rite Aid is my favorite drugstore to shop. Need more motivation to conquer a new store? Check out this article!

6. Try sharing instead of buying

Maybe you’ve been so busy trying to get every deal, that you’ve missed an opportunity to share your knowledge with others. Do you have a friend at work who would love to coupon, but needs someone to physically go with her and show her the ropes? By refocusing on why you love to coupon and sharing this wonderful way of shopping, you can look at other aspects of couponing besides just getting the next deal. Also, sharing your current couponing experiences with other couponers is a great stress reliever and can give you new ideas! See this article about sharing couponing with friends.

Couponing: 6 Tips for Staying Motivated