As a couponer, life in the checkout lane can sometimes be a challenge. Not only for you, but for your cashier. Here are some suggestions to making the checkout experience a much better, smoother transaction for both you and your cashier. By implementing some of these strategies, checking out can be a win-win situation.

1. Be friendly

A smile is a universal welcome. An initial "how are you?" and eye contact go a long way. With the complexities of some coupon transactions, it's easy to forget the importance of greeting your cashier and establishing conversation. They're real people, and treating them well is necessary. We once befriended a cashier at a store we frequented to the point that we gave her a baby gift when she was pregnant. This particular cashier had walked us through many transactions in the days when we were still coupon virgins. Cashiers can be one of your biggest allies if treated the right way. Remember, relationships count.

2. Be prepared

Getting your coupons ready before you go to the register will ensure your transaction goes quickly. Take a moment prior to checking out to organize. We're those people you see parked at the end of an aisle, making sure every product matches with its coupon. We take screenshots of coupon barcodes if we're using savings from a website so we won't waste anyone's time having to pull it up on our phones' (sometimes slow) Internet browsers. Trust us, taking the time to be ready is worth it. Cashiers appreciate organized couponers who know the store coupon policy and follow it.

3. Be mindful of the people in line behind you

Where do we begin? How many times have you noticed that the person standing behind you only has a few items and so you invite them to go before you? We perform this act of kindness all of the time and are always met with gratitude. If our transaction has already began, we've been known to strike up a conversation with those waiting behind us. We share with them the benefits of couponing and wow them with how much we've saved—or are about to save—on this particular transaction. Often, we get asked, "Where do you learn to coupon?" We encourage them to begin at The Krazy Coupon Lady to see examples of our deals and how easy it is to follow them and get started.

4. Be early or late

We always try to choose a weekday sometime during the day when there isn't a lot of traffic at a store. Nothing is more stressful to a cashier than a long line of people waiting to check out—especially impatient, annoyed people who don't appreciate couponing. We find our cashiers to be more relaxed during the week and it almost always makes for a better transaction, especially when there are couponing issues.

5. Be knowledgeable & share knowledge

At KCL, we strongly encourage keeping a store policy with you at all times when you shop. Cashiers have numerous job functions, and having to learn coupons, especially when they themselves have never used a single coupon in their entire life, can be overwhelming. Having the store policy available will avoid any confusion. The less often a cashier has to call upon a manager for assistance, the more grateful the cashier will be towards you.

6. Be grateful

How do you thank a cashier who has given exceptional service? Not only can you personally tell them and even their manager, but one of the greatest compliments a cashier can receive is through corporate recognition. Have you ever noticed or been asked to respond to a survey at the bottom of your receipt? Do it! Its takes less than five minutes and is a great way to thank an exceptional cashier.

One of our favorite cashiers, Ann at Walgreens, took great pride in having her entire name badge lanyard covered in customer service pins—all earned by receiving positive feedback from her customers.

The world of couponing is fun, exciting and filled with more than savings. Cashiers play an important role in making your shopping trip a success. We believe that doing whatever you can to be organized before you check out, showing appreciation by sharing good deals, and giving feedback will make for more happy cashiers nationwide. Let's all do our part!

6 Tips to Make Accepting Coupons Easier for Cashiers