Twitter is increasingly becoming one of my most useful sources for information. Tweets are quick to read when I’m on the go, and it can be a very easy way to snag some deals. At any hour of the day or night, someone somewhere is posting a promotion, discount or coupon code on Twitter to try and attract more business. With these seven tips, (that literally take seconds) you can start saving on Twitter—just like I do every day!

1. Tweet the truth!

Social media sites like Twitter give you a tremendous platform to influence other customers, which means companies are very motivated to promptly resolve complaints posted via social media. This means you can save just by speaking the truth on Twitter.

  • How this can work: Let's say you just found out a friend is paying half what you pay for cell phone service each month. Since you’re upset, you go to your provider’s Twitter account and express your intention to switch providers. A few minutes later, a response arrives from the company's social media manager, offering you a rate decrease of $20 per month—matching your friend's deal!
  • How you save or earn: You just saved $30 (and all the hassle of switching providers) with a 140 character tweet.

2. Follow your favorite companies and brands.

Companies today are very eager to connect with potential and current customers via social media. When you follow your favorite companies and brands, expect to be rewarded periodically for your loyalty.

  • How this can work: Many companies and brands will offer Twitter-only sales, deals, coupon codes and freebies to their Twitter followers.
  • How you save or earn: Tune in daily to your favorite Twitter feeds to be sure you don't miss a deal (social media aggregate tools like HootSuite can also help consolidate your feeds for easier viewing).

10 Great brands to follow on Twitter:

10 Great companies to follow on Twitter:

3. Participate in "tweet chats."

Tweet chats (also called “tweet parties”) are virtual meet-ups, complete with a virtual host. Many companies host tweet chats to introduce new products, promote seasonal specials, gather feedback, and reward loyal customers.

  • How this can work: To join in upcoming tweet chats, follow your favorite companies and brands so you can check their daily tweets. You can also visit #tweetchat for news on upcoming chats and parties in your follower network.
  • How you save or earn: Company and brand tweet chats often include contests, free gifts, coupon codes, and other savings incentives.

4. Become a hashtag hound.

Sleuthing out hashtags that are deal-related is an easy way to score deals on Twitter.

  • How this can work: Use hashtags like #coupons, #deals, #savings, #promotions and #sales to find general news about deals. For specific deals, alter your hashtag to include the item you want to save on (such as #iPad). You can also use Twitter's own instructions to save searches you do frequently.
  • How you save or earn: Not only will you find coupon codes and sales announcements, but you can also enter to win freebies!

15 Great Twitter hashtag searches

  • #coupon (and #coupons)
  • #savings
  • #deal (and #deals)
  • #discount (and #discounts)
  • #save
  • #free
  • #gifts
  • #couponing
  • #extremecoupon (and #extremecouponing)
  • #stockpile
  • #clearance
  • #sale (and #sales)
  • #bargain (and #bargains)
  • #freesample (and #freesamples)
  • #giveaway (and #giveaways)

5. Follow other deal sleuths.

If you have a favorite coupon blog or website (for instance, Krazy Coupon Lady!), follow their Twitter feed to get breaking news about great bargains.

  • How this can work: When you follow expert deal sleuths, you don't have to do any of the grunt work to find your own savings.
  • How you save or earn: Try it with KCL—just navigate to and click the Follow button. You will see a whole list of breaking deal alerts!

6. Ask for what you want.

If you’re searching for a particular type of coupon or discount and don't see it, you can tweet your request directly to the company you wish to buy from. 

  • How this can work: It’s not uncommon for customers to hear back quickly with a coupon code or special offer—and it only takes a second to ask!
  • How you save or earn: Let's say you are shopping for a new couch. You can tweet the company that makes the model you have your eye on and ask for a discount or coupon code.

7. Travel on the cheap.

Twitter is a great resource if you are looking for cheap deals on airfare, lodging and entertainment.

  • How this can work: Using hashtags (see #4) and following certain companies (#3) is a great way to find cheap airline seats, lodging and travel packages. But you can also use Twitter to ask advice from your network on how to save money when traveling to your desired destination.
  • How you save or earn: Get expert advice for free, and score cheap travel deals just by watching your Twitter feed for sales, discounts, promotions and packages.
Tweet for Savings: 7 Ways Twitter Can Keep Your Money in the Bank