Remember the days when it seemed every store doubled coupons? Sadly, those days are nearly completely over. But don’t lose faith in couponing—you can still save a lot of money by approaching clipped savings in different ways.

Ending of doubles

Fewer and fewer stores are doubling coupons in today’s tough economy, and this has affected the way many couponers shop. It’s easy to get angry or depressed when you no longer have double coupons, but remember that while opportunities to double your coupons are great, they are not necessary to keep your bill low. I have never shopped at a store that doubles coupons regularly, and I'm about as krazy as a Krazy Coupon Lady comes!

Try new tactics

If doubles were the only reason you shopped at a particular store, it may be time to branch out and try new locations. The best deals are often found at higher-end stores with specials such as store coupons, Catalina or instant saving promotions, or weekly ads with great sales. Here you’ll want to take advantage of stores that allow you to stack coupons (using a manufacturer coupon + a store coupon on one item), plus cash in on product rebates and reward programs. See if another store in your area doubles coupons, price matches competitors, or takes competitor coupons. Krazy Couponers can always save big, with or without stores that double coupons.

Keep perspective 

It’s important to remember you don't have to save 90 percent every time you shop! Here at KCL, we aim to save 50–90 percent on our overall bill, which includes food and non-food items. We save where we can and focus on the positives instead of bemoaning hard situations and giving up. Run into empty shelves? Try special ordering, getting a rain check, or price matching at another store. Missing inserts from your newspaper? Call customer service, subscribe to home delivery, or try swapping with other KCLs online to get what you need. Tired of negative views about being an "extreme couponer?” Turn the tide by taking charge of your attitude and actions, playing by the rules and helping others. Know what you can and cannot control, and make it work!

Advice to Those Saddened by the Death of Double Coupons