It’s spring and it’s time to talk about be’s! No, not buzzing bees, the be’s in communicating with a store’s employees! Whenever I shop with coupons, I try to be as efficient as possible. This involves finesse, couponing expertise and communication skills, which can be fine-tuned over the years. One of those skills includes how to communicate with a store’s employees. They are the quickest resource for locating products, answering questions, and pointing you in the right direction! Gone are the days that I have walked all of the aisles looking for a specific product. Store employees obviously know their store much better than you, the customer. They unload in the warehouse, stock the shelves, arrange shelf displays and know the current sales. Below are 7 “be’s” to use when communicating with store employees. Use them and maximize your money—and time—savings!

1. Be precise

Be as specific as possible when asking questions about a certain product. For example, if you’re looking for the Nivea Q10 lotion, ask specifically for that product. Don’t just say, “Where can I find that lotion that has Q10 in it?” Specificity saves both you and the store clerk time.

2. Be direct

Good eye contact and verbal clarity are important when asking questions. Having a sales paper in hand can help narrow down the search. Remember, being direct isn’t rude. Just be sure to use please and thank you!

3. Be polite

Good manners go a long way. Instead of demanding to know why there are no bottles of the Purex on sale for buy 1, get 1 free, maybe you could say, “Hi, I see that the Purex on sale is all gone. Do you have any more? Or could I get a rain check?” Politeness will get you a lot; rudeness, not so much!

4. Be honest

I was recently on vacation, and after returning, I went back to my regular CVS. The manager explained that he had to crack down on some of the couponers who had been coming in while I was gone because they weren’t following the store’s coupon policy. He was glad to help me with my purchases and appreciated my history of shopping honesty. Remember, the way you conduct yourself in a store is observed by the people who work there. They are also the ones who conduct your transactions and allow you to save money!

5. Be quick

Remember how much you hate to wait for someone to help you? So does everyone else! Ask your question and be friendly, but don’t chitchat unless the store employee engages you first. They’re on the clock working and don’t need to be distracted. For example, if you enter the store for a specific item and you don’t know where it’s located, typically, the store clerk at the register near the entrance will speak to you. This is the perfect time to ask where the item is located. Communicating with specificity is a win-win for both the customer and employee.

6. Be focused

I love pleasantries as well as everyone else. But, when I’m couponing, I’m on a mission and am very focused when I ask questions because I don’t want to waste my time, the sales person’s time, or another customer’s time. Staying focused will help you get in and out as quickly as possible with a low probability of purchasing something you don’t need.

7. Be a winner

Winning can be defined as many things, but a coupon win is when you score a deal as you intended. Having the right attitude, asking the right questions, and projecting your couponing ability confidently will make you a winner in couponing! You’ll also be successful in maintaining your family budget!



The "Be's" in Coupon Communication—Use Them to Your Advantage!