As a new couponer, one of the hardest things to change is brand loyalty. Maybe your mom used Ivory soap or Tide detergent, so that’s why you use those brands. Is Scott toilet tissue the only brand you’ve ever bought? I used to buy the same items every week because I knew exactly where they were located in the stores where I shopped. I know change is hard, but you could be missing out on some pretty great deals! Couponing not only saves you money, but it introduces you to a new world of products! So instead of using the same brands over and over, try these tips and change it up for more savings!

1. Challenge yourself to try a new product every week

Manufacturers offer coupons to introduce and market new products to consumers. One of my favorite, new products is Lancaster caramels. They’re divine! I had a $1.50 off coupon for this brand-new candy and took advantage of it by doubling the coupon at my local Harris Teeter during a recent promotion. I never would have tried these wonderful caramels without a coupon since the regular price of $4.19 is more than I’m normally willing to pay for candy. Trying different products will expand your tastes and experiences!

2. Compare ingredients

I used to do this when I was deciding between a store brand and name brand product. Now I compare the ingredients of my favorite brand to a competitor’s product if I have a coupon for it. For example, let’s look at Tide and Purex. The major difference is the price. Tide is more expensive than Purex, and if you compare the ingredients and how clean your clothes are, you’re better able to determine the best brand for you. Maybe Tide gets grass stains out better, but does all of your laundry have grass stains? Could you use Tide for specific stained clothing and use a cheaper brand for regular washing?

3. Choose performance over looks

As we’ve said before, marketing strategies are a big part of manufacturer and store sales. Let’s take paper towels, for example. Do you insist on having colorful designs on your towels instead of keeping them plain white? Suppose you have a coupon for Bounty, which is also on sale, but you prefer a floral print. I’d rather enjoy my money savings than a decorative paper towel.

Apply these tips to every product you purchase and enjoy the savings!


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Think Outside the Brand for More Savings