As couponers, we’re bound to come across a grumpy cashier or two. You know the ones. He or she may not be aware of the smart couponing strategies you’re using. Instead of admiring your couponing skills, he or she questions whether the discounts you just received are legit. When this happens a manager tends to be called for verification. No worries, though. You’re a couponing diva and are prepared to prove your discounts are valid.

As a KCL you will have moments when a cashier or perhaps even a store manager questions your deal. As a naturally passive person, it was extremely hard for me to find my inner diva and let them know (politely, of course) that I knew my policies, and that this deal was legit. Here are some tips to keep in mind in your final lap to a couponing victory (aka the checkout process):

1. Do your research prior to your shopping trip

Before I embark on my weekly trips, I read the comments of the deals I am attempting on KCL’s website. This way, I already know any issues that may arise and how to tell the cashier to fix them.

2. Keep a copy of the store’s coupon policy

It may be shocking, but many store employees do not know their own coupon policy. Having a copy yourself and understanding and knowing it completely can be your salvation in a dispute at the register.

3. Use a cashier you know

One of my favorite people is Rose, one of the cashiers at my local Target. I do not know Rose personally, but I always try to get into her line because she herself loves a good deal, and I know she will be patient and fair through my sometimes six transactions. Once you find a good cashier, look for that person each time you check out.

4. Stand up for yourself

This is where letting out your inner diva comes to play. If a cashier is blatantly not following policy, or states something you know is false, stand up for yourself. For example, many coupons may say “Redeemable at Dollar General.” This does not mean it will ONLY work at Dollar General. This would only be the case if the coupon read something like “Redeemable ONLY at Dollar General.” I used to lose good deals because I was too shy to stand up for myself and my knowledge, and when a cashier said, “This only works at Dollar General,” I would still buy the product at full price and not use the coupon. This is not how a KCL saves money! There is no need for a Z-snap in the air or a bad attitude, but stand beside your knowledge and research.

5. Remember, the key word in Krazy Coupon Lady is LADY

As a KCL, you will get frustrated. But as a representative of our sisterhood of frugal divas, you must remember to act like a lady. Be kind to your cashiers, store managers, and the patient fellow shoppers in line behind you. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!

This is a guest post by Miranda from Westville, OK
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How to Be a Coupon Diva When There's Trouble at Checkout