I’ll never forget the day I told my soon-to-be husband about my credit card debt. He didn't say anything other than, "Wow—that's a lot." That was enough to light a fire under me to get it paid off once and for all.

Luckily, couponing had come to my rescue, and slowly but surely, I paid down my debt "one coupon at a time." Plus my husband is proud of my efforts, which continues to encourage me.

If money is a source of stress in your relationship, find out how couponing can help! 

Why romance + money issues don’t mix

According to eHarmony, "money" is the number one reason for divorce in our society today. Yikes!

The "Big Four" areas of financial conflict:

  • Spenders versus savers: Like my husband and me, often "opposites attract"—at first. But then later, pairing one "spender" with one "saver" can become deadly for the relationship itself.
  • Risk-takers versus security-seekers: Investing funds can be a big area for conflict, especially when one partner prefers low-risk "sure thing" investments and the other partner treats the stock market like an online version of Las Vegas.
  • Debt tolerance differences: Some people see debt as a regular part of life, while others view debt as an intolerable burden. Put these two people together and you often get more than just unpaid debt!
  • Earning and budgeting expectations: Finally, when one partner wants equality in earning/budgeting responsibilities while the other prefers a "hands off" approach, the relationship itself can end up caught in the crossfire.

4 Ways couponing can come to your rescue

If you’ve found other ways couponing can help ease relationship tensions, we'd love to hear about them—please feel free to share in the comments section below!

1. Couponing turns ongoing arguments into practical action steps.

The act of taking up couponing, tracking savings and putting those savings to work turns a "broken record" argument into a productive path. As well, turning conflict into cooperation eases the internal shame you or your partner may feel about how the financial stress started in the first place.

Great free financial resources:

2. With couponing, you can set and achieve goals together.

If your partner thinks you’re "all talk" about solving your financial problems (or you think this about your partner), seeing each other dig in and begin working to resolve the issue through couponing can restore your respect for one another.

How to get started:

  • You probably both already know what the “hot button” issues are (if not, work on this first).
  • Next, set ground rules during your couponing learning curve. Examples might include no name-calling, no rehashing old history, no pessimistic/negative talk about how "that will never work" and no shooting down new ideas.
  • If one of you already knows the basics of couponing, you may want to let them take charge at first (cuts down on the learning curve).

Jump-start your joint efforts with these resources:

3. Couponing also eases another big relationship conflict—how financial tasks are divided.

Couponing offers plenty to work on for both of you! This is especially great because, when you’re both working hard to learn a new skill together, you can heal your relationship along with your finances!

Couponing steps you and your partner can divide and share:

  • Finding the coupons: Newspaper inserts, online printables, mobile coupons, coupon codes—they’re all ripe for the plucking!
  • Organizing the coupons: Once found, coupons need to be organized by shopping list (groceries, paper goods, electronics, etc.) for easy use.
  • Earning when you shop: There are also lots of great apps that help you earn cash back and rebates when you shop—this is like finding free money under the couch cushions (and it's about that easy, too!). Ibotta, Snap, Berry Cart, Checkout 51 and Shrink are a few must-haves.
  • Coordinating your shopping efforts: Finally, to ensure no duplication of effort, you and your partner need to work together to decide who shops for what, when (this is great for relationship-building!).

4. Couponing can help you earn as well as save!

Couponing is not just about redeeming coupons for discounts. Couponing can also earn you funds on a daily basis! Nothing eases financial worries faster than beginning to earn right away. These resources can get you started earning ASAP!

Couponing's "earning power" resources:

How Couponing Can Save Your Relationship