Next time your husband says something like, “We only saved $10 with coupons? I don’t think it’s worth it to keep collecting them,” remember that every dollar counts when you’re trying to get out of debt.

This past year landed my husband and me in an interesting situation: we were newlyweds living on an exact budget when our cars gave out, we changed jobs, and we found out a little addition would be joining our family. We went from having little debt to extreme debt! After tightening our budget even more, crunching our savings, and working extra hours, we put coupons to work.

To "find" money in our budget to pay off our hefty bills, we pretended to shop without coupons. After each shopping trip, we added up our total coupon savings on each receipt and put it towards an extra car payment that month. Soon, we went from paying the minimum payment to almost doubling it!

With this technique we have been able to squeeze an extra $8,000 out of our very conservative income this year—all because of coupon use! If you ever wonder whether couponing is worthwhile, keep my story in mind and try to remember that all those savings add up and really do make a difference!

Free Yourself from Debt with Coupons