My husband is very good at saving money—it just comes easily to him. However, he wasn’t always this way. When we first met, he bought things without even considering the price tag (let alone coupons!). Eventually, with a little extra time on my part, I was able to really get him excited about saving money, and in fact, it was only when we started doing it together that he really got motivated!

If you can relate, here are five fun tips that may help you reel your partner in and get them excited about everything couponing has to offer!

1. Offer to match your partner's couponing savings each week.

My husband tried this for the first time when I was trying to save up for a new software program I needed for my business, but I kept getting derailed by shopping sprees. He offered to pay for a percentage of the software if I would come up with the rest. A few months later, I was sporting new software!

What to do:

  • Identify something your partner has their eye on (but can't afford).
  • Offer to pay for part of the item once your partner accrues a specific dollar amount in couponing savings.
  • Or you can offer to keep matching savings until your partner can afford the item. 

2. Teach your partner in their preferred format.

My mom taught me to coupon using newspaper coupons, but I just never liked having to juggle a folder full of paper coupons (and I’m not naturally that organized anyway). So I didn't really get into couponing until I discovered e-coupons and apps.

What to do:

  • Find out what medium sparks your partner's interest. Perhaps your partner didn't know about e-coupons, online codes or how to earn cashback after a shopping trip!
  • Offer them a lesson in each couponing medium. If your partner just isn't sure what they might have an interest in, offer a short lesson in the different options (printable online coupons, newspaper insert coupons, coupon codes, cashback apps, etc.) and have them pick what they like.

Fun ideas for couponing lessons:

3. Show your partner which of their favorite celebs are couponers!

Celebrities are not exempt from the allure of saving funds—in fact, many celebrities say their thrifty habits began long before they "made it big" in their field.

If your partner is reluctant to coupon due to stigma or stereotypes of "people who coupon," perhaps finding out that some of the richest, most famous folks in the world are coupon fans may change their mind!

Read about three celebrities who coupon:

4. Buy your partner a special "just because" gift with your couponing savings.

Sometimes actions speak louder than words—and perhaps the perfect way to "show and not tell" your sweetie about the power of couponing is to buy them something you saved up for through using coupons!

What to do:

  • Present your partner with the gift.
  • Show them the receipt and how much it cost you.
  • Pull out your spreadsheet and your couponing folder and explain how long it took to earn enough to save up for their gift (this should win you a few extra brownie points!).
  • Ask if they would like to join you for your next couponing shopping trip!

5. Open a joint savings account just for your couponing savings.

Ultimately, I find the best incentive to get my partner interested in trying something new is to make it "our" project instead of "my" project. Whether it’s cleaning out the shed in the backyard or saving up for retirement, when we do it together, we are both more motivated to see the project succeed.

What to do:

  • Open a joint savings account to fund a shared goal you have—perhaps to buy a new car or build your "rainy day" fund.
  • Share a few of your best "couponing stories" with your partner—the really good ones where you've saved a lot of money!
  • Let your partner know you’ll be depositing all of your couponing savings into your joint account from now on.
  • Ask your partner how they would like to contribute to your joint account—and offer a lesson in couponing if they would like to join you!
5 Tips to Get Your Partner Excited About Couponing