Even though it’s their job, I sometimes feel guilty for piling my products and coupons on an unsuspecting cashier. So I try to make their experience as pleasant as I want mine to be or I just avoid the grumpy-looking ones altogether. By implementing the following actions, everyone is likely to leave happy—plus, it’s good karma. Try these tips and reap the rewards!


As a cashier in college, I can definitely say the most pleasant transactions were when customers were friendly and considerate.  A simple smile and greeting can go a long way! Ask your cashier how their day is going and show genuine interest. Thank them for the help, especially pointing out positives, such as, “Thanks for remembering my reusable bag discount” or “I really appreciate all your help with my coupons!”

Advance Notice

If you will be doing multiple transactions, redeeming a rain check, or using a lot of coupons, give the cashier a heads up. Ask them if they would prefer your coupons at the end of the transaction or as you go along. If there’s a line forming behind you, ease the pressure off the cashier by letting the waiting customers know you may take a little longer and another line may be faster. When possible, spread the coupon love by passing along a coupon to those who patiently wait behind you!


One of the best ways to ensure that great customer service continues is to provide feedback to the store and managers about the cashier’s performance. If they went out of their way to help you or were very kind and considerate about your long coupon transaction, speak out! Stores want your business and will work hard to gain and keep it, especially when they’re informed and praised on what they’re doing right. Constructive criticism can also be beneficial when necessary. Many stores will have a number to call or a website to visit to share your shopping experience via a short survey.

Remember, everyone has bad days and tough situations. Try to be understanding and kind, and you’ll be surprised at the difference you can make!

Go with the Happy Cashier for a Trouble-Free Checkout