As KCLs, we plan our shopping trips, have our lists ready and know what items we intend to purchase before we even step foot into a store. However, retailers have talented marketing departments that come up with techniques designed to make you purchase items you never planned on buying. Money leaves our savings each time we make an unintended purchase. Check out this article to read about specific marketing strategies aimed to persuade you, as the consumer, to buy more than you need. If you’re a newbie or a seasoned KCL, below are more grocery store marketing techniques you can’t afford to ignore.

Grocery store marketing strategies

Look at the location of items the next time you shop—products are placed there for a reason. Check out the sales. Are they really discounted, or is the sale arranged in a way to trick you into thinking it’s a great deal?

  • Items you need are located in the back of the store: Stay focused when you enter a store. If all you want is milk and eggs, then go straight to that location and don’t deviate. Leave your coupon binder in the car.
  • Buy 1, get 1 free or 50% off: This strategy is very effective in getting you to purchase more than you need or intended to buy. Do you need this item? Is your stockpile running low on this product? Can you afford this item?
  • Fragrant smells upon entering the store: Have you ever entered a grocery store and smelled the bread baking and the cakes cooking? This is designed to make you buy more when you’re hungry! How many of us can resist freshly made food?
  • 10 for 10: Does this sale suck you in? Do you need 10 boxes of Kraft mac & cheese? Will your stockpile even hold 10 boxes? Can you buy 10 different items, or are you stuck with purchasing the same 10 products? This is a very expensive marketing strategy, so be aware when you see this sale. It’s a moneymaker for the store.

Every time you go grocery shopping, be sure to review the items in your cart before checking out. Are you about to make an unplanned purchase because of a marketing technique? Remember, knowledge is the key to change, so put those “blinders” on and stick to your list to maintain your budget!

Don't Fall for These 4 Grocery Store Marketing Techniques!