Coupons are my obsession (obviously), so whenever I find a new coupon resource that I love, I want to shout it from the rooftops! I’m talking about Hopster, people! It’s a site that grants you access to high-value coupons by completing simple tasks like “liking” a brand or product on Facebook. By completing tasks, you earn points that can be used to boost the value of the exclusive coupons only found on Hopster. These coupons are printable manufacturer coupons accepted practically everywhere and stackable with store coupons as well as coupon apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51! These coupons are high value and are often for brands I can't find on other coupon sites.

How to get started

1. Create an account

Yes, this is a site that you must create an account for. Because I know I’ll get emails from them regularly, I make sure to use my couponing email account. (I highly recommend you create an email account strictly for coupons and deals if you haven’t already—keep your inbox clean, folks!) You need an account in order to keep track of the points that you can redeem for higher value coupons. Click here to sign up.

2. Install the plugin

Like most coupon sites, a plugin is required so you can print glorious discounts right from home. Just so you know, I’ve never had an issue with crazy ads popping up after the installation—another reason to love Hopster!

3. Start printing

After you install the plugin, you should be able to start printing basic coupons right away, like the one below. Don’t forget to stack these coupons with store coupons and sales for the best deal!

Unlock high-value coupons

Now the fun part: getting those high-value coupons! Some of these higher-value coupons require an action to unlock them, such as “liking” the product on Facebook or watching a video. I completed the quick actions for the high-value Pull-Ups coupon (it literally took me 30 seconds to “like” the product and share the deal on FB), and it was immediately unlocked for me to print!

$3.50 off Pull-Ups? Yes, please!

How to boost coupons

The cool thing about doing these actions is that I can earn points for each one. I just earned 85 points for “liking” Pull-Ups on Facebook, another 85 points for sharing the Pull-Ups coupon, and 100 points for signing up for the Aqua Spa newsletter! I then decided to go shopping—with my points! So I used 250 points to boost the value of the John Morrell Bacon coupon from $1.00 to $1.25! These three actions took less than 5 seconds each, and I was able to score a $3.50 Pull-Ups coupon and an extra $0.25 off on John Morrell Bacon! See, what’s not to love about Hopster?!

Hopster: The Best Way to Get Exclusive, High-Value Coupons