There are instances when I want to share my couponing successes with the world because my savings are so great. In the past, I would simply brag to my husband or share my experience here on KCL in the site’s Brags section. But doing that wasn’t enough. I wanted more in-person conversations about what I was doing as a couponer. That’s when I started reaching out to my non-couponing friends. I began teaching them about how to stack deals, and showed them how much money they could be saving just by spending a little more time planning their shopping trips. They were hooked, and today we share couponing tips with each other. Having friends who coupon is wonderful because they keep you motivated. If you’re like me and want to keep company with couponers, here are some tips to help!

Ways to find your new best friends

  • Social media: Let’s be real here, Facebook is the perfect place to gain more attention than a tantrum-throwing two-year-old in a mall. So use Facebook, Twitter and KCL to share ideas, tips and frustrations. Use social media to persuade your current friends to be more saving-savvy, and join a group within these sites to connect with like-minded super savers. Be more effective by reaching out to people individually.
  • Start a coupon club at work: Meeting new friends as an adult is probably easiest at work. So send out an email and invite coworkers to save more money through couponing and tip sharing. Eat lunch with them and share experiences.
  • Make friends with other moms: Moms are always trying to find the best ways to feed their children on the cheap and are readily willing to share ideas. Approach other moms at church, thrift shops, local libraries and PTA meetings. It’s very likely that they’re eager to make new friends just as much as you.

Things you and your frugal friends can do

  • Exchange ideas: Every couponer I’ve met loves to share their experiences and ideas with others—it’s an inherent couponing characteristic, and I love it. Tips are meant to serve others, so be sure to talk about what has worked for you and what hasn’t.
  • Swap coupons: Not all of us have allergies and need five packets of Allegra, but some of us do. Share your wealth of coupons with others and you’ll get valuable ones in return.
  • Trade items you don’t want anymore: Everyone has clothes and toys they don’t use or need anymore. Better yet, we all have products we’ve acquired for free, thanks to couponing. So before you drop these items off at Goodwill, ask your friends if they’d like anything. Try throwing an apparel-and-toy-trading potluck for more fun and trading options.
  • Inspire each other: Money-saving ways can sometimes be exhausting, and when you’re exhausted, you tend to give up. If you’re at that point, call one of your friends to keep you motivated. Whenever you cash in on a great deal, share it! Challenge each other to see who can save the most, and reward the winner with something easy like babysitting her kids so she can go on a date night.
  • Have DIY nights: Get your girls together one night a week and do it yourselves. Make our DIY Anthropologie Spice Jars (click here for directions) so you can keep your home stylish and contemporary while sticking to your budget.
  • Switch grocery lists: It’s so easy to stray away from your shopping list with impulse buys. Stop your urges and prevent wasting money by going grocery shopping with a friend and switch lists. Have fun and exchange ideas at the same time.
Keep Company with Other Couponers to Stay Motivated