When I was a teen, my mom would often send me to the store with a shopping list and an envelope full to the brim with coupons. As a naturally inattentive teenager, I simply didn't grasp the critical mass importance of differentiating one brand of mayonnaise from another, or of using the coupon with the closest expiration date first…as opposed to the coupon featuring the best price or the coupon I found first when sifting through the envelope. Upon arriving back home again, shopping bags in hand, I was then treated to a blow-by-blow review of my performance. Luckily, I got better as I got older—both at surviving performance reviews and at successfully performing coupon matchups. If you are new to coupon matchups, I hope you will find these simple “how to” tips helpful!

Coupon matchups defined 

With coupon matchups, your mission is simple. You are aiming to save the absolute most money possible by combining in-store advertised sales with coupons for those same-brand products. The rest of this post will teach you the basic steps to accomplish your mission. You can do coupon matchups with anything—fresh produce, canned goods, household products, even big electronics. Here is a process you can use for any type of coupon matchups.

1. Keep up with the weekly sales.

Whether you’re craving summer strawberries or have your eye on a new stereo receiver, you need to know what is already on sale before you can strategize to save even more on that item. So follow your favorite stores' email alerts, in-store sales flyers, Sunday paper coupon inserts, and any other places where sales items are advertised.

2. Next, circle the items you want to purchase, carefully noting the brands, sizes, quantities, and any other relevant in-store sales redemption requirements.

If you’re doing this for the first time, just pick out two or three items to do matchups with until you get the hang of it.

3. Now it’s time to hunt for coupon "matches" for those items you have selected which are already on sale in-store.

Here are three great places to look for coupon matches:

  • Krazy Coupon Lady: (Of course!)
  • The items' manufacturer's websites: You may score a "$1 off any product," "buy one get one," or other valuable coupon for that brand.
  • Sunday newspaper inserts: Often, local sales will coincide with local manufacturers’ coupon promotions.

4. Pair up your coupon "matches" to see how much you will save.

Now you get the big payoff—big savings from all that hard work! Example:

  • You’ve discovered that your local grocer is offering $0.50 off Tide detergent 40 oz. So you pay $4.97 – $0.50 = $4.47.
  • You go to Tide.com and discover they are offering a printable coupon for $1.50 off any Tide detergent 40 oz or larger.
  • So now you pay $4.47 – $1.50 = $2.97
  • Coupon matchup score!!
How to Pair and Save with Coupon Matchups