As Krazy Coupon Ladies, we often buy in bulk—BIG bulk. I’m not talking about 185 oz jars of mayonnaise, but 10 or 12 of the 8 oz jars of mayonnaise. When we get that great deal on 25% off toothpaste or shavers for free, we grab as many as the store will allow and sometimes go back multiple days in a row to get more. Getting an awesome deal is exciting, but soon you may find your bathroom cabinet holding enough toothpaste to last you for the next five years. You start realizing your family won't need deodorant for another two years, and you have enough toilet paper to play the world's largest practical joke on your entire neighborhood. (Not recommended!)

What to do when you run out of storage space

Although a fantastic deal is, well, fantastic, it's not so wonderful if you don't have enough room to store it or if you already have five years' worth of that product. For this, I recommend a “No-Buy” list. A “No-buy” list is your written record of products for which you have more than a one-year supply or have no more places to store it.

Set rules

My rule for items on my “No-Buy” list is that I don’t purchase them—no matter how awesome the deal—unless it’s completely free or a moneymaker in which case I purchase and immediately donate the items. When my stock gets down to two months or less, I remove the items from my “No-Buy” list.

Stick to your budget

The “No-Buy' list is also essential if you’re in a tough financial situation and need to spend as little as possible. It’s easy to one and two-dollar our way into spending our entire grocery budget on sweet deals and not really reduce the total grocery spending in the long run.

What do you do with all the deals you find? Don't let them go to waste! Pass the deals and coupons on to friends and family, of course!


This is a guest post by Erika.

The Benefits to Having a "No-Buy" List