During the first few months of being married, I would write up a weekly menu according to what sounded appealing (and what I thought would impress my husband) no matter how much the ingredients would cost. Two kids later, I’ve learned to happily embrace the Krazy Couponing lifestyle. Being a Krazy Couponer means saving more money by planning meals around what’s on sale that week. This doesn’t mean giving up foods your family loves, it just means staying flexible and being ready.

Use sales flyers

The day the grocery ads come out is your time to start planning! Check out what’s on sale for the coming week, follow TheKrazyCouponLady matchups, and pair available coupons with the sale prices. Jot down the best prices of foods you eat, and outline your meals based on the flyers. For instance, if your local store has pasta sauce and fresh French bread on sale this week, plan a spaghetti dinner. If you know you'll be busy on a day next week, make a double batch of tonight's meal and freeze half. This way you'll only have to thaw and reheat!

Start stockpiling

A basic tenet of Krazy Couponing is stockpiling, or buying extras of rock bottom-priced items so you won’t have to pay full price on last minute runs to the store. When you stockpile foods you frequently eat, you’ll have basics on hand to help shape your meals. Some of the best edible stockpile items are non-perishables that have a longer shelf life, like pasta, rice, canned fruit and vegetables, flour, yeast, canned tuna, condensed cream soup, and olive oil. Once you have a good stockpile, you’ll be able to pair these items with fresh ingredients that are on sale and in season.



How to Plan Your Meals Around Sales