Price matching. Do those two words instill worry in your money-saving heart? I know it sounds complicated—especially if you use coupons—but it’s simpler than you think. Target is a great place to start price matching. In fact, you don’t even need to involve your Target store coupons—save them for another product that doesn’t have a better price elsewhere. Let me tell you why by answering a few common questions.

Can I use a Target store coupon when price matching?

There are so many ways to save at Target, but one of the best ways is to price match. By price matching, I get to leave my Target coupons at home. Here’s why: according to their price match policy, you can use both Target store coupons and Cartwheel when price matching, but don’t. Target will apply their store coupons before the price-match adjustment has even been made. You’re basically giving away free money because in the end, the final price will be the same with or without the Target coupon. See the example below:

Can I use a manufacturer coupon when price matching?

Now, I’m not saying that all coupons are completely useless at Target. Manufacturer coupons, unlike Target coupons, can be used on top of price matching and are applied after the price-match adjustment. This in turn saves you even more money. In fact, when there’s a manufacturer coupon for a product I want to purchase that isn’t on sale, I always check Amazon or competitor ads for a cheaper price to bring to Target for price matching.

Where do I checkout when price matching?

Whenever I price match at Target, I skip going to the main registers and go straight to guest services since the cashier has to confirm the competitor’s price. After the price is confirmed, I will then hand over my manufacturer coupons. A manufacturer coupon will automatically be applied to a product’s new, lower cost thanks to the price-match adjustment. This may sound like a huge process, but it’s easier than most people think. Stacking a price-matched item with manufacturer coupons is a great way to accumulate smart savings. Make it even easier for yourself to save by using the Amazon app—it’s the secret to price matching at Target!



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