Saving money with coupons is all fun and wonderful—until you encounter an issue you aren’t sure how to solve. Then it just gets overwhelming, especially when that issue occurs at a busy register. Don’t worry, though; we’ve all been there, and what’s important is that you keep calm and have a game plan. Here’s a list of things to remember every time you coupon.

1. Stores may be out of products.

  • Be prepared to rework transactions.
  • Determine how to meet coupon requirements and rework deals before heading to the register.

2. Cashiers may not follow the store’s coupon policy.

  • Carry a copy of the policy to every store.
  • Know the coupon policy.
  • Remind the cashier of the policy, but be polite.
  • Ask for the manager as a last resort.

3. A Catalina/reward may not print.

  • Make sure you’ve met the requirements to get the reward/Catalina.
  • Ask the store manager to provide the printout.
  • If that doesn’t work, call customer service.

4. Other shoppers may be hostile or impatient.

  • Try to shop during off-peak hours.
  • Let shoppers with smaller orders go first.
  • Plan out transactions ahead of time and organize coupons accordingly.
  • Minimize the number of transactions.
  • When shopping at a drugstore, ask a team member to check you out at the cosmetics or photo counter to avoid holding up a line. If other shoppers get in line, nicely inform them you might take a bit to check out. “Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey!”
How to Recover from These 4 Common Couponing Issues