Rebates are wonderful ways to save money, but only if you remember to submit the forms! True disappoint lies in finding an expired rebate receipt in the  back of your junk drawer because you procrastinated filling out the paperwork as soon as the product was purchased. Don’t do this to yourself and your wallet again, dear friends. Instead, keep important rebate reminders on your calendar. Here are some important dates to mark.

Dates to Mark Down

Purchase period: The given timeline when you have to buy the product(s) listed. Jot down when you purchased the products, or check off that they were purchased in time.

Postmark date: To be valid, the time stamp on the envelope has to be on or before the date as listed on the rebate form. Make sure to send off your submission at least a few business days in advance to ensure the rebate is in on time. Indicate on your calendar when you sent off each rebate.

Receive by: Rebates, under law, must be given to the customer in the time they list on the official form. This is usually 6-8 weeks from the rebate end date. Write down the last day that is within the time frame, and if you haven’t received your rebate by then, contact the company.

Pick a Calendar

All-in-one: Have a calendar near your desk where you write down all your important dates. This may be the best place for you to write out all pertinent rebate info since you’re sure to reference it frequently.

Binder calendar: Some Krazy Couponers prefer to keep a monthly calendar printout in their binders and write down important sale and rebate information to keep it separate from daily activities and appointments.

Electronic: For the tech savvy, this can be the best route to log all crucial dates and set up reminders to check up on submissions and deadlines.

Remind Yourself of Rebates By Using Your Calendar