There are few things more annoying than finding a mistake on your receipt after getting home. As a KCL, you work hard for your savings, so be sure to review your receipt before even passing through those sliding glass doors.

Check your receipt

Many couponers know their rough checkout total and can sense when the bill is too high. If this isn’t from impulse buys (that truffle-infused olive oil isn’t going to pay for itself!), it’s likely items have rung up incorrectly. After you pay for your items and get your receipt, step away from the register and look over all the prices you were charged and ask yourself questions like, “Did my eCoupons come off? Did all my paper coupons go through? Was I double charged for anything? Are the product prices correct?”

Ask them to rectify the error

If you spot an error, hop on over to the customer service desk and point out the mistake. They will check out the item, and if there is an error, they’ll refund you the difference. Even better, some stores offer a price guarantee that if an item doesn’t ring up correctly, it’s free! It’s also good to mention if you were undercharged for an item. The great majority of the time the employee just let it go, but it pays to be honest!

Scan your surroundings

While you’re checking your receipt before leaving, you’ll also want to do a quick scan of your surroundings: the end of the conveyor belt, the bagging area, the floor, the bottom of your cart, in your child’s hand, and under your coupon holder. Also look back to where you paid, ensuring you’ve got your wallet, purse, credit card, keys, and Catalinas or other rewards you may have left there while finishing up the purchase.

It’s amazing how many times customers notice at the last minute a nearly-forgotten purchase or have to go back inside the store for keys, a credit card, or unintentionally abandoned coupons. Also, scan your cart again after loading your groceries into the car to make sure you have all your purchases and that all-important coupon binder, box, or file. Keeping an eye out after checkout and making a quick glance around can save you money and time in the long run!


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