Super Bowl is one of those festivities I look forward to each year, but it's not because of the football (yawn). It’s because of the parties….and the savings!

Not only does the Super Bowl spur on competitive retailers and manufacturers to serve up even greater coupons and discounts, but when combined with these party planning tips, I can organize a festive party that’s almost free!

Here are eight must-have tips for your Super Bowl party that you just can't afford to ignore! However, if these aren’t enough then you can go watch Joanie and Heather’s great Super Bowl party planner video.

1. Make your own party trays.

Fruit and veggie trays—those neatly sectioned platters with small bits of this or that plus dips—are one of the priciest Super Bowl party items you can buy. So don't buy pre-made trays—make your own for just pennies. You can also make your own dips for even deeper savings!

  • How you save: Your choice here is simple: you can buy pre-made dips or party trays for $7 to $12 each, or make your own and slice that cost by 50% or more, to just $3-$6 per tray.

2. Go for bulk sodas for a cheaper per-unit price.

Whatever beverages your party guests will drink most of should be bought in the biggest possible size. You should check the "unit price"—the price per ounce, for sodas—to be sure you’re getting the best price. This works well for mixers (tonic water, juices, club soda, etc.) as well.

  • How you save: Go for liter bottles over bigger 24-packs—less packaging means lower unit cost per ounce.

3. If it’s crunchy, salty and priced at $2.00 or less, stock up!

Right around Super Bowl is when all the salty, crispy, delicious no-no's on our "Get Healthy" New Years resolutions list go on sale. Any bag of chips, crackers or pretzels priced at $2 or less is a good deal, so go ahead and stock up!

  • How you save: Let's say your family eats four bags of chips each month, at $3.99 per bag. But right now chips are on sale for $1.99. So you buy four bags, saving yourself $8.00 on next month's grocery bill (for bigger savings, buy more!).

4. Find the deals and then let the menu plan itself.

Because Super Bowl ushers in such a flurry of coupons and deals, you’ll save much more when you scout deals first and then plan your menu.

  • How you save: For example, if hot dogs are super cheap but hamburger meat isn't budging much on price, plan your menu around hot dogs instead of burgers. Keep your mind open about what kinds of drinks, snacks and desserts you can serve—let the deals guide your menu.

5. Don't forget to include a trip to the drugstore.

Before making your final coupon-based purchase selections, be sure to check out drugstore deals for even more savings. For example, it’s not uncommon to find soda, chips, cookies and candies cheaper at your corner store than at a big supermarket!

  • How you save: Maybe cookies are $2.49 per package at your local grocer, but at your local drugstore, they’re $1.49 a package! You buy two, saving $2.00!

6. Stock up beyond just party-day supplies!

Frozen pizzas, chips, sodas and other Super Bowl staples will not be this cheap again until this time next year, so if you have other festivities in the works, be sure to stock up now while the prices are so low.

  • How you save: So long as you have the freezer space, you can look forward to cheap family pizza nights and kids' parties all year long based on what you stockpile right now!

7. Know where to go for the best coupons.

You’re going to get the best deals when you’re holding the best coupons in your hands. So be sure to clip before you shop—visit The Krazy Coupon Lady (of course!) and be sure to pay a visit to your favorite manufacturer websites for online printable coupons, and to your local retailer websites for the "what's on sale this week" flyers and online printable coupons. Also keep your eyes peeled while you’re in the store to find peel-off coupons, BOGO, "two for one" deals and incentive offers ("buy this bag of chips and get that liter of soda free").

8. Don't buy what you don't absolutely need!

Finally, it’s so easy to run up party day costs with last-minute "well I'd better get some just to be sure" store runs.

Easy ways to save big on party day:

  • Plan for finger foods only. No utensils needed—just plenty of paper towels (and if you're lucky, you can find these in your existing stockpile!).
  • Don't open packages in advance, and keep all your receipts. You can save a bundle by taking back what you don't use.
  • Use existing packaging rather than party bowls and platters. In most cases, guests will barely take their eyes off the screen long enough to reach for a handful of chips, let alone notice whether those chips are still in their store bags or not!
  • Freeze the bottled water as "ice packs." When you pack the cooler with these "ice packs" to keep other drinks cold, you save on the costs of bagged ice.
  • Do BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer). Guests usually expect to bring something, so let them know in advance what you need them to bring!


Don't Ignore These 8 Super Bowl Party Planning Savings