My sister just can’t seem to help her impulse-shopping habit. Although she keeps a list whenever she goes to a store, she somehow strays away from it and ends up purchasing more than she needs. Because I’m the complete opposite and am so strict with my budget, we decided to go shopping together and switch lists. We’ve since been able to keep both of our spending to the minimum and enjoy the bonding time!

Impulse buys, especially those that aren’t on sale with a coupon, can really increase your shopping bill. If you want to rein in spending, write out a detailed shopping list, including the brand, size, price, quantity and applicable coupons. Gather the store and manufacturer coupons you'll need, then get together with a friend or family member who has also made her list. Head to the store, swap lists and needed coupons, and shop each others’ lists! When you're buying for someone else, you won't be tempted to grab extra, unneeded items, and you'll still get everything you need.

Stop the Urge to Buy Unnecessary Items by Swapping Lists