Although you get first dibs on sale merchandise by shopping the first day of a sale, you may be missing out on savings! There are some definite monetary benefits to waiting until the last day.

Sneak preview

Check out a preview of the upcoming ad if you get the chance. Many times previews can be available on the store website or in mail fliers the day before the ad week starts. This allows you to get the best deal by either shopping that day and cashing in on the current sales or waiting until the next week.

Check it out

Store out of stock? No problem! Rain checks can be a blessing in disguise when you wait to redeem them until a matching coupon comes out or you get more coupons, or you can simply cash them in at your convenience.

Double double

Grocery stores such as Sprouts Farmers Market, Sunflower Market, Sun Harvest, Henry's Farmers Market, and Elm City Market feature a "Double Ad Day." Most sales run Wednesday to Wednesday, meaning that if you shop Wednesday, you can get two weeks' worth of deals at once! Save time by shopping once every 2 weeks instead of each and every week to get in on the hot sale prices.

Wait Until the Last Day of a Sale to Save Big