On more than one occasion, I have literally gasped out loud when reading prices on organic baby food in the grocery store. Normally priced twice as much as regular baby food, organic may be a route you have wanted to try but the cost has kept you from it. I am excited to share an awesome deal happening right now at Plum District that will let you try organic baby food without having to sell one of your automobiles to do so!

Head over to Plum District where for a limited time you can score $69.00 worth of NurturMe Organic baby food for only $35.00! This award-winning, nationally recognized brand is bringing organic and quick-dried veggie and fruit pouches to the mouths of  your 4 month to 4 year old child at a 50% discount. This deal from NurturMe includes six varieties (48 pouches in all) of tasty meals like: Plump Peas, Hearty Sweet Potatoes, Scrumptious Squash, Sweet Bananas, Crunch Carrots, and Crisp Apples. How yummy do those sound?

This assortment of NurturMe organic baby food products would make a wonderful gift for a new mother, or purchase this deal for your own little one. At a 50% savings, why not do both?

Here is how to get this deal!

  • Head over to Plum District today
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  • When checking out, no coupon code is needed. The discount will be deducted for you!
  • Shipping is included in the sale price!

You may purchase up to 4 of these great deals, so keep in mind other moms who might appreciate this assortment of organic baby foods! But don’t wait. This deal expires on February 27, 2012. Head over to Plum District today and see what the organic food fuss is all about!

Get $69.00 in Organic Baby Food for only $35.00 at Plum District!