1. Ask kids to help you clip coupons.

Preschoolers and kindergartners will love helping you clip coupons. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to teach them hand-eye coordination and practice their fine motor skills.


2. Turn coupons and circulars into a matching game.

Have kids clip coupons and match them with sales in store circulars.


3. Let them pick out their own coupons each week and redeem a few at checkout.

Send them on a mission to find coupons for their favorite products, and encourage them to experience the savings results themselves by letting them hand in coupons at the register. Show them the receipt and savings afterwards.


4. Have young kids pull out the Sunday newspaper coupon insert for you.

When you’re at the store, you can also ask them to check that the paper being sold has a coupon insert.


5. Ask older kids to scan the barcodes for rebate app submissions.

When it’s time to submit all those Ibotta, Checkout 51, and MobiSave receipts, have your older kids scan product barcodes for you.


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6. Older kids can also take a picture of your receipt for rebate-app offer submission.

They’ll be thrilled when they learn that uploading a photo of a receipt can lead to cash back.



7. Give them your shopping list.

And when I say shopping list, I mean hand over your phone and open up your digital coupon shopping list in the KCL app. Have kids help you navigate through the store to find the items on your list.

If you don’t have the free KCL app on your phone yet, download it here now.


8. Show them how to compare price per ounce at the grocery store.

To calculate price per ounce, have kids divide the total cost by the number of ounces.

To find the price per unit (such as per roll of toilet paper or per diaper in a package), ask kids to divide the price by the total number of items.

While some stores may print price per unit/ounce on the price tag in small print, they often leave it off sale tags. For more advanced learners, have them calculate price per unit/ounce after a coupon is used.


9. Have them match coupons with products in-store.

Place emphasis on quantity and size requirements, and remind them that sometimes the picture on a coupon can be deceiving. Reading the fine print is super important!



10. Help them make their allowance stretch.

Teach kids how to find deals for the things they want — whether you show them how to browse through Craigslist, consignments, couponing sites, or how to stack coupon codes online, they’ll love learning new ways to stretch their allowance.


11. Ask your child to help you separate expired coupons from ones that are still valid.

Recruit your kiddos to help you maintain your coupon organization system, and teach them about expiration dates at the same time.


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