Ready to check out at the grocery store with multiple transactions? Take a deep breath and strut up to your chosen register with confidence and assurance knowing that you’re an amazing planner. As long as you follow what’s highlighted below, there’s no reason why stress should claim your nerves.

This is the number one way to avoid personal stress and reduce angry glares from the customers lined up behind you. When you have your coupons ready to go and everything in order, things will go faster.

When there’s a line, do one transaction at a time
If you are separating your items into multiple transactions, just put one transaction on the conveyor belt at a time.  If someone jumps in line behind you, just finish your transaction and get in line behind them. When possible, avoid rush hours at the store because smaller lines mean less stress!

Advance Notice
Make sure to give the cashier a heads up that you’ll want to do more than one transaction, and ask if that’s okay. They may need to open another line or get extra help, especially if you have a cart full of groceries and a big stack of coupons!

Limit the number
While some stores have a stated limit of transactions per day, try to keep the total low when you can. Usually 3 transactions is the maximum to do at once.

4 Tips to Help Your Multiple-Transaction Checkout Go Smoothly