As a seasoned couponer of 2 years, I have experienced more highs than lows in the couponing arena. The sudden thrill has calmed to a slight tickle, but all in all, I remain committed to my new way of spending. That being said, I have experienced couponing fatigue at times, and it can sneak up on you unexpectedly!

I’ve listed a few things that happen to me when I know I’m couponing excessively and my life is out of balance. I hope they will help you identify symptoms of couponing burnout or fatigue before it occurs!

Couponing fatigue warning sign #1: Lack of excitement

My normal attitude is pretty much 100% excited at all times about couponing deals. I live and breathe couponing. My coupon binder goes with me everywhere just in case a deal surfaces. I get a warm, happy feeling  just looking at my stockpile. So, a quick indicator of fatigue for me is when I change my routine. Here are some unusual behaviors I exhibit when I’m losing steam:

•    Forgetting my binder when I leave the house
•    Hiding my binder so I don’t have to see it
•    Not sharing deals with my friends
•    Avoiding couponing websites
•    Not rushing to get my Sunday paper

If any of these things sound familiar, you, too may be dealing with couponing fatigue. How do I deal with this lack of excitement? I take a coupon-cation! I have to remind myself it’s okay if I don’t jump on all the new deals. I need a break to refocus my life—and I find that usually a week off will get me back on track. Try it for yourself and see if you’re ready to dive back into couponing with renewed vigor!

This is a guest post by Tammy from Saint Pauls, NC

5 Signs of Couponing Fatigue and What to Do: Part 1