Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to coupon savings. Of course, you’re drawn to larger-sized containers—so am I! Try not to just focus on price per ounce, though. Next time you’re grocery shopping, pay more attention to the price after a coupon is applied. You’ll soon discover that you’re able to stockpile more quantities of smaller containers for a better price than you would by purchasing their larger counterparts. Let’s take a look at potential savings:

Store Prices:
64 oz peanut butter is $8.97 ($0.14 per ounce)
16 oz peanut butter is $2.78 ($0.17 per ounce)

With a coupon for $1.00/1 peanut butter, look what happens to the price per ounce:

Final prices after coupon:
64 oz peanut butter now $7.97 after coupon ($0.125 per ounce)
16 oz peanut butter now $1.78 after coupon ($0.11 per ounce)

So if you want 128 ounces of peanut butter, you can buy two 64-ounce tubs for $15.94 or eight 16-ounce jars for $14.24—a savings of $1.70. This is especially propitious if you have a smaller household so you can ensure the product doesn’t go bad or dry out before it gets used up.

Remember, the best way to slash your grocery bill is to stockpile several of an item when it’s on sale and you have matching coupons!

Buying Smaller Is Better When It Comes to Savings