A couponing mom was attacked this weekend in a Kroger store in Memphis, TN.

Last Friday before midnight, Megan Wilson, an experienced couponer, said she was trying to complete three transactions at her local Kroger store when a man in line behind her grew agitated that it was taking so long for her to finish.

At first he voiced his frustration saying things like “You’re wasting everybody’s time…Nobody has time for this!” Wilson said she tried to be polite, suggesting that he use the self-checkout lane if it was bothering him to wait.

But she said he refused and his annoyance grew to anger and he began to verbally harass her, calling her a “junkie” and a “crackhead.” A verbal altercation between her and the man ensued.

After Wilson finished her three transactions, the man came and stood right next to her. According to Wilson, she “accidentally bumped her arm on the credit card machine as she turned to go and spilled her drink on him.”

He grabbed her hair and bashed her head into the shopping cart three times.

Her cart’s contents spilled everywhere. Wilson took this picture.

There were security guards and employees watching the altercation, but Wilson says they didn’t move to help. The attacker abandoned his items and ran away.

The security guards told Wilson they would go outside and get his license plate and information, but they weren’t able to get anything.

Memphis police have since released the security footage and they are asking anyone who has information about the attacker to contact Tillman Station GIB at 901-636-3214.

You can read the original story here.

Couponer Attacked for "Taking Too Long" in a Kroger Checkout Line