I’ve had a fabulous money-saving week this week! It seems like all of my networking has paid off at one time! Three relatives brought me a gallon bag of coke caps for My Coke Rewards, and it felt like my birthday! Then, my daughter printed some much needed coupons for me and I got a handful of inserts from my sister. Sharing what I do as a KCL has increased my “bounty,” and I want to continue sharing with friends, family and you. Let’s face it, not everyone is 100% invested in saving money like a KCL, and not everyone is willing to invest their time and energy in saving on groceries! But, these same people might be willing to help you. You won’t know until you ask! Here are a few tips on how to engage people in helping you save money by sharing!

Share some of your bounty

Accumulating your stockpile takes some time, but once you’re established and just replenishing your items, then open up the doors! For example, I frequently reward my friends at work by bringing them items I know that they use in exchange for their extra coupons. My reward for this week: a case of LaCroix sparkling water! I know, you may be thinking, “No way, I worked too hard for my deals,” but I find that giving makes me a better person. I have a neice that uses Got2B religiously. Anytime I have a coupon for that product and there’s a deal, I think of her and buy it. I enjoy giving and she enjoys receiving!

Share your achievements

My excitement is contagious, and sometimes I just can’t help but brag about my savings! Sure, when I first started couponing I guess I kind of overdid it with the enthusiasm. But now, everyone knows I’m a krazy couponer and they ask me about the deals that I get. I love being able to say that I spent $15 at the grocery store compared to the $100 they may have spent. When you start to discuss savings, people start listening! I love to bring candles to everyone in the office whenever there’s a great stacking deal at Target. Recently, my local Harris Teeter had a great deal on Liberte yogurt, a brand that my coworker introduced me to and now I love it. So, I picked up a flavor she had never tried and brought it to her! She was tickled to try a new flavor and that I had thought of her when I got the deal.

Share your coupons

Suppose you got lucky this week and received 3 inserts of the same Red Plum deals. Maybe there are coupons in that insert that you don’t use, but you know that “Suzy,” your neighbor, uses one of the products exclusively. Pass those coupons on. My husband likes a certain brand of coffee. He’s tried others but prefers one brand. So, I pass on all of my coffee coupons to people I know drink coffee. I love to hear how much money they’ve saved. Of course, remember to educate them in additional savings, such as waiting until the item is on sale and then using the coupon. When that person uses the coupon that you gave them, they’ll remember you the next time they see a coupon. You’ll soon find that others will also start sharing deals with you—that’s networking!

Share your knowledge 

When you decide to become a krazy couponer, you’ll see that it really does involve a very different way of thinking. Remember this when you share with others. Give specific tips that work, such as stocking up when an item is on sale and you have a coupon. That way of thinking will become habit over time. Three years into this wonderful new way of saving money and I still try to recruit others! Another tip to share is to adjust your purchases to current sales. For example, bananas aren’t on sale, but apples are, so buy apples this week! Be supportive and answer questions patiently and with kindness. Don’t give negative responses like, “I would never pay full price for that.” Instead, share how you would save money on that particular item. Or better yet, find a great deal and bring it to them.
This is a guest post by Tammy from North Carolina.
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