Bottom line, practice does make perfect in couponing. Use the skills you develop over time to increase your savings, get the best deals for the items you use, and fine-tune your couponing abilities—your wallet will thank you!

Take each negative “shoulda, coulda, woulda” and turn it into a positive action! When I first started couponing, I printed every coupon I thought I might use. Now that my stockpile is established, I don’t print coupons that I don’t plan to use because I would end up throwing them away. This saves me time and money.  Experience has taught me that I won’t use certain coupons. Also, I’ve found that instead of kicking myself when I miss a deal, I look forward to the next week when another deal will be just as sweet and possibly better! Getting better at something improves how much you enjoy it. When I walk into a store and get the deals I came in for with no issues at checkout, then I’ve successfully used my KCL skills to make a difference in my bank account and in my family’s life. Since becoming a KCL three years ago, I’ve learned so much!



This is a guest post by Tammy from St. Pauls, NC.

Fine-Tune Your Couponing Craft to Benefit You to the Max