I’ve been an active part of the Krazy Coupon Lady community for some time now. Sometimes I take for granted all the things I now know how to do to find great savings on KCL—like creating my account and using all the cool features found there! But there was a time when I had no idea how to select and print coupons, create my shopping list, track my savings, submit comments, and take advantage of all the neat tools in my personal account.

If you are new here, here's hoping this primer will get you up and running—and saving–ASAP!

How to create your user account

So here's some good news right away: it’s very easy to create your personal KCL account!

What to do

  • Find the little "person" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.
  • Click on it, and you will see a small box appear in the lower left-hand corner.
  • Click on the link that says "Not a user? Join now."
  • Fill in all the fields (or link to your Facebook account).
  • Your new account will then display your name in welcome.
  • And you can click the “View My Account” tab to view your menu bar options.

Select, email & print coupons

There are two main ways to find and select the coupons you want to use.

Option 1

You can browse coupons through My Account under the My Shopping tab, selecting only the stores and coupons you want to use (this option also lets you email or print just the coupons you want to use when it is time to go shopping).

What to do:

  • Visit the My Shopping tab under My Account.
  • Select the first store you plan to shop at by clicking on the store name.
  • This will open up the coupons available at that store.
  • You can click the box next to each coupon you want to use to add it to your list, or follow any other instructions (such as for the use of coupon codes) to redeem the coupons you want.

Option 2

You can visit KCL's coupons page directly and browse for coupons (once you customize your state/city option, you will find coupons for all of KCL's featured deals in your area that require coupons here). You can then add the coupons you want to use via an app, print them, or build a checkmark-based list for yourself (each coupon will come with its own set of instructions you can just follow).

What to do:

  • Visit KCL's coupons page (click the 3 little bars at the upper left-hand corner to find the drop-down menu).
  • Or you can bookmark this link in your browser: https://thekrazycouponlady.com/print-coupons/
  • Search and select the coupons you want (you have 3 options: printable, newspaper, and mobile).
  • Some coupons will display as print-ready, others as a checkmarked list, and still others as part of signing up for a free app. Just follow the instructions to nab the coupons you want!

Create your shopping list

Creating your shopping list is also super easy—and syncs up perfectly with selecting your coupons by store (see above, Option 1).

What to do:

  • Just follow the instructions in the “Option 1” section just above to create your list coupon by coupon.
  • When it’s time to shop, visit your KCL account and click on "View Saved Shopping List" and email or print your list.
  • You can empty and clear out your list at the end of each week and start over by adding new coupons to create a new shopping list.

Watch Heather & Joanie's video demo: How to Create a Shopping List with My Account

Track your savings

Creating your personal user account with KCL makes it so easy to track your couponing savings starting from day 1!

What to do:

  • Visit the My Savings menu button under My Account.
  • Input the information from each shopping trip, along with the amount saved via coupons.
  • You can compare total expenditures versus total savings and track your progress over time.

Watch Heather & Joanie's video demo: Track Your Savings with My Account

Submit your comments and brags

The ability to submit and respond to comments is one of the best features of creating a KCL account.

This way, if you ever have a question about a coupon or deal, you can post your comment right on that webpage without having to log in and out every time. You can also help out other users by answering their questions through commenting.

Watch Heather & Joanie's video demo: Comment with My Account

If you save a lot or find a great deal, you can also submit a "Brag"—not only will other KCL'ers cheer you on, but through sharing your experiences, you can help couponing newbies save more!

It’s very easy to submit a brag just by clicking on the "My Brags" link (the page will guide you through the rest).


This is a post by Shannon from Texas.


KCL User Accounts: What You Don’t Know Can Help You Save More!