Shopping at multiple stores for the best deal is just one KCL strategy to keep us saving money. I admit, though, it’s sometimes hard to keep your coupons organized. Since each store requires specific coupons, having to shuffle through all my clipped vouchers with every stop used to try my patience. There I would stand, fumbling through my stack of prepared savings, searching desperately for that toothpaste deal I was so excited to use. “There has to be an easier way,” I would mutter in frustration. And thankfully there is. If you suffer from the same annoyance, let tagging be your savior.

A simple solution: Tag those coupons before you shop.

While the term "tagging" may bring to mind graffiti involving spray paint and questionable youth, in our dictionary it means: "retailer organization."

While creating a shopping list and printing and clipping coupons, write the name of the store in pencil in the upper right-hand corner or just outside the coupon. This helps remind you which coupon will be used at each store.

A simple, abbreviated descriptor is all that is needed to designate each one. For example: CVS (CVS), RA = (Rite Aid), WG (Walgreens), T (Target), WM (Walmart), etc.

If you know the order of the stores where you plan to shop, place the coupons in the order of first store to last store for easy reference.

Some final thoughts and tips on tagging:

  • All coupons for a particular store are in one visible section and ready to use.
  • A purchase won’t be forgotten or overlooked.
  • If you don't carry a coupon binder, a simple binder clip is all you'll need to keep them intact.
  • If a rain check is needed, simply couple the coupon with the rain check, and remember the store where it will be used.
  • If a product is out of stock and you plan to return later in the week, you can easily determine where you originally planned to use the coupon.
  • If you don't end up using a coupon, simply erase the store name and tuck it away for later use.
Save Time by Tagging your Coupons