Shenanigans happen. Season two of our new show Haul For Less (exclusively available via Verizon Go90) is live NOW! In the premiere episode, we share our best Target savings secrets! Then, each Monday we share a new haul at some of our favorite retailers like Costco and Whole Foods! Plus, watch exclusive clips on YouTube.

Who: Krazy Coupon Lady founders Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer (aka Lucy & Ethel wannabes)

Where: Verizon Go90. It’s like Hulu, but only available to watch on your phone.

What: Haul For Less–a new weekly show that’ll transform you into a shopping expert.

Why: ‘Cause watching two crazy broads save money is awesome, and Heather does good cartwheels.

Watch Haul For Less on Go90 now!

See our exclusive Haul For Less clips on YouTube!

Watch the Season Premiere of Our New Show: Haul For Less! 💃