I dialed up my credit card today and was delighted to hear the balance was exactly on target for my holiday spending budget. I’ve really honed my couponing skills to the point that I can walk in a store with my list, purchase my intended items on sale (with coupons), and walk out with rewards in my hand! But no Krazy Coupon Lady is perfect, so I’m excited to move forward into 2015 with 5 new couponing resolutions so I really get to the next level!

1. I will decrease my spending by 10%

Because of my success with budgeting in 2014, I will challenge myself to save an additional 10% in 2015. I plan to do this by paying more attention to my stockpile. There’s no reason for a person to have 30 tubes of lip balm. Yes, I bought them on sale with a coupon, but since I only have one set of lips, I won’t need to purchase lip balm for about 6 years. Identifying when I’m overstocked and only purchasing what I don’t have will allow me to save an additional 10% in 2015.

2. I will maximize store rewards

For 2015, I’m challenging myself to take advantage more of store rewards at CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. I plan to have at least 50% of my purchases from my stockpile be those that have generated store rewards (or items that have been purchased with rewards). This will require a little more planning, but I’d rather spend store cash instead of my own money. Today, I spent $50 at Rite Aid, paid in +Up rewards, made an additional $5 in +Up rewards, and my total out-of-pocket expense was only $0.69!

3. I will congratulate myself for a job well done

I tend to get easily frustrated when a major shopping event doesn’t go the way I had planned. In 2015, I will give myself permission to not be 100% perfect. I will not beat myself up when I forget to use a coupon and it expires. I’m only human after all, and positive energy generates positive results!

4. I will take time to ask for rain checks

I’m typically in a hurry and don’t like waiting for a rain check. I’ll usually plan another trip to the store after they restock the shelves. In 2015, I will take advantage of asking the store to write a rain check for an out-of-stock item so I can save an extra trip, gas money, and the frustration of finding empty shelves.

5. I will have a list when I enter a store

Having a list is hit or miss for me. It depends on how much time I have, what I intend to purchase, and whether I will be using coupons. I am committing to having a list at least 75% of the time in 2015. A list will keep me organized, decrease impulse spending, and remind me to use specific coupons for the specific sales.

5 Couponing Resolutions for 2015