Instead of tossing the coupons you think you won’t use, trade them!

“How can I find people to trade coupons with?”

  • KCL Facebook page: Trade coupons with other Krazy Couponers on the KCL Facebook wall. Ask around to see if someone has what you need, or post about your extras.
  • Swap boxes: Donate the ones you don’t need and take the ones you do. Usually found near the entrances of stores, libraries, community centers, churches, preschools/daycare centers, and more.
  • If there isn’t a swap box near you, set one up! It’s easy to do: get permission, buy a basket (the Dollar store is a great option), label it “Coupon Swap Box,” and add custom rules/ instructions. To maintain, periodically take out expired coupons.
  • Local friends: Ask friends, family, and neighbors. If your friends don’t coupon, get them into it! Having a coupon buddy can be a great asset.
    • Have a coupon trading party with friends. Clip coupons together and chat, then trade it up!
    • Printable coupons often have a limit of 2 per computer, so pair up with a friend and print some out for each other. This works well if you shop for different products. For example: if your friend needs coupons for dog food and you don’t have a dog, make a trade! Or if you need to save on diapers and her kids are in high school. . . you get the idea.

Where are your favorite spots to trade coupons? What works for you?

Trading Coupons: Get a Variety of New Savings