I’ve always found trial size product packaging adorable. There’s just something cute about miniature versions of products you enjoy. But when should you use a coupon for trial size items instead of for their larger, full sized counterparts? Below are some tips that may help you overlook the cuteness if it means a better deal.

Buy full size when:

  • It’s a rock bottom sale price.
  • You love the product.
  • The coupon fine print excludes trial/travel size.
When you can, hold off using a coupon until near the expiration date to see if you can get the full size for super cheap or free. It may cost a bit more in the overall total, but chances are it’s cheaper per ounce than trial size.

 Buy trial size when:

  • Coupon doesn’t exclude trial/travel sizes.
  • It makes it very cheap or free (double check price per ounce).
  • Trying out a product or replenishing your travel or 72 hour kits.
Trial vs. Full Size Products: Knowing Which Is the Better Deal