As a Krazy Coupon Lady, I’m always on the lookout for the best and newest ways to save—even on social media. Just when I thought I had discovered all that social media had to offer me—I came across Twitter Offers. This brand new offering from Twitter turns credit cards into coupons.

This program is just beginning to roll out (as of November 2014), but American Express is one company that has already partnered with Twitter to help Amex customers save more. Read on to learn all about Twitter Offers and how they work! If you’re interested in more ways to save on Twitter, check out our article Tweet for Savings: 7 Ways Twitter Can Keep Your Money in the Bank.

How to Find Twitter Offers

A Twitter Offer appears in your Twitter feed as a "Twitter Exclusive." These offers will appear nowhere else but on Twitter, and can only be redeemed from within Twitter itself.

Bonus Tip: American Express cardholders can find Amex specific offers here.

How to Redeem a Twitter Offer

You can redeem a Twitter Offer in three easy steps.

1. Register:  Click on "Register Credit or Debit Card" to add your card information. This is necessary for offer redemption—your data is encrypted by Twitter and you can remove your card information at any time.

2. Load offer: Next you’ll click "Add Offer to Card." This loads the Twitter Offer to your card—so you can use it like a digital coupon.

3. Purchase: Make your purchase to redeem your savings. When you purchase the item, you’ll see the savings reflected on your next credit card statement.

Graphic from Twitter’s official blog announcing Twitter Offers.

American Express: A “Twitter Offers” Example

American Express has already partnered with Twitter in a big way to allow American Express customers to use their card like a coupon rewards card. This is how their program works.

  • Sync your card with Twitter: Visit and sign in with Twitter to link your card with the Amex Twitter feed.
  • Follow the Amex Twitter feed: This is how you’ll find Twitter Offers (denoted by hashtags—for example: #AmexWholeFoods) and then you’ll follow the instructions to redeem each offer.
  • Redeem savings on your next card statement: When you make your purchase, the savings will be redeemed automatically and will show up on your next card statement (or within 50 days of purchase, whichever comes first).

Other Big Name Brands Using Twitter Offers

Whole Foods, McDonald’s, Best Buy, H&M, Dell, Virgin America, AMC Theaters, Old Navy, and Sports Authority (among others) are all good examples of brands that are using Twitter Offers to provide customers with extra savings. Here are a few examples of recent Twitter Offers I’ve come across:

  • Dell: Dell is now offering Twitter Exclusive Offers to all followers of @DellOutlet ( For example,  save 30% on a purchase of a Dell XPS laptop.

  • Virgin America: Virgin America airlines has offered Amex customers 10% off a main cabin airline ticket. To redeem the offer, the customer must re-tweet "#AmexVirginAmer."
  • Old Navy: A special holiday limited edition @thenovogratz family blanket is available exclusively via Twitter for just $15 and free shipping.

  • AMC Theaters: AMC is offering a free small popcorn to any customer who buys an AMC gift card of $30 or more.



Twitter Offers: The Newest Way to Find Coupons and Discounts