There’s no doubt that couponing is one of my favorite hobbies, and with all of the time I spend cutting inserts and printables, my scissors get quite the workout! After a while, the blades on my scissors tend to get dull, and it gets harder and harder to cut multiple papers at once. I used to just toss my scissors and buy a new pair, but now I extend the life of them with foil. To sharpen your scissors with foil, fold your foil so that it is several layers thick. Next, open the scissors and run the blade along the foil 5–10 times. Once you’ve done this on both blades, open the foil so that it is not so thick and cut it with the scissors. Wipe down the blades with a towel or cloth, and you’re done! Your blades will be quite a bit sharper and you can get back to what’s important—cutting those coupons!

Get Your Couponing Scissors Sharp with Aluminum Foil